Calling all Summer, Autumn & Easter brides and grooms

Can I assist you Summer, Autumn & Easter brides and grooms in avoiding ‘celebrant-zilla’?

Check me out at or, then lets plan the day your way.

Your celebrant should be the catalyst to your successful day; meeting your needs and tailor-making the ceremony your way.  You want to enjoy the dancing later on, don’t you!






Online marriage applications now live

hi-852-online-dating-istock-000008883361smallA new change by the DIA means you can now apply for your marriage licence online, from the comfort of your own home. Laptop, tablet, smartphone – just go to and follow the prompts.

DIA’s online service includes headings in Te Reo Māori and English, help text, connection to the Celebrants Online portal for easy Celebrant selection, and a Google address lookup – all designed to make things as easy as possible.

With the weather on the improve, wedding season is fast approaching. So, once you’ve been online and applied for your marriage licence, give me a call (or email) and we can get the ball rolling and start planning your ceremony.


“Summertime, and the livin is easy…”

Ella Fitzgerald Copenhagen April 1970

Ella Fitzgerald 

Thinking of an outdoor venue for your summertime wedding? Then here are some helpful Harmony Celebrant tips

Has a booking been made and is a Council licence required for the ceremony to be held at this venue?

Is special seating required specific guests?

Where can we get married?

You can get married at any place in New Zealand you and the celebrant agree on. The place must be stated on the marriage licence, and it is sometimes a good idea to include an alternative (indoor) venue.

Contact me to provide the harmony to your Summertime Wedding – as Ella Fitzgerald sang – “Summertime, and the livin is easy…”

Down on the Corner

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Down on the Corner – Creedence Clearwater Revival.

If you’re into your contemporary popular music like I am, then, like me, you may draw parallels from many different songs to your own life journey.

I’d welcome your thoughts and input into this or any other of my Blog posts. I may even share some of your insights here if they relate to major life events – proposals, weddings, civil unions, funerals, birth of children.

Don’t be shy, Down on the Corner is where we’d like to tap our feet to your beat. Because music is for us all to enjoy and share 🙂

It’s Cupid Time

The late, great American singer, songwriter Sam Cooke

The late, great American singer, songwriter Sam Cooke

Yes, even Rudolph Valentino couldn’t have put it better than the late Sam Cooke, who sung about this time of year:

“Cupid, draw back your bow, and let your arrow go,
Straight to my lovers heart for me.”

And here’s my special Valentine’s Day ditty.

“When the roses and the chocolates have finally worked their charm,
And your sweetheart has said “yes” to the fabulous you.
It’s the right time to call on me, amongst the other things you must now do,
And I will assist with your wedding ceremony, to deliver fun amongst the calm.”

So if you’re looking to get hitched, contact me now and I’ll help get the ball rolling.

What is this Crazy little thing called love?

Queen band

Freddy Mercury and Queen

Freddy and the boys posed that question, which might have only been answered with your marriage proposal.

So what happens next? Ah yes, the wedding ceremony – so much to organise and the wedding season is right upon us now…..

Make sure that the marriage licence is applied for early, once you have confirmed your Marriage Celebrant. The Department of Internal Affairs need a reasonable amount of time to process your application for a marriage licence, and your Celebrant needs to lock you into their diary.

This thing called love, I must get around to it, otherwise you may end up with the Poor Boy Blues. 

So when you’re ready to take the plunge, call on me to assist with any aspect of the wedding process.